Western New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization


Western New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization is the western chapter of the

New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization.

WNMMRO is a membership organization established to educate, protect, preserve & promote riders and drivers on the sport of motorcycling. We strive to maintain our deepest commitment to protect the rights of those that ride.

Aims and purposes:

An organization dedicated to, but not limited to the protection of the individual rights of motorcyclists through: Charitable works and public education. 



Strives to improve road conditions by:


Having signs posted warning of road harzards, alerting DOT of dangerous road conditions.




Is dedicated to accident prevention through education by:


Promoting motorcycle awareness programs for all motorists through MAP(Motorcycle Awareness Program), promoting rider education courses for motorcyclists, working for insurance cuts through education and fewer collisions. 


Promotes involvement of motorcyclists by:


Keeping members informed on what bills and laws that affect motorcyclists are voted on by our elected officials. Urging members to exercise their rights by registering to vote and voting. Encouraging qualified members to run for public office. Encouraging members to write and stay in contact with their elected officials, coordinating events in cooperation with local law enforcement. Is committed to countering biased reporting and profiling of motorcyclists and motorcycle related issues and discouraging any new biased reporting of the same.


Stands for presenting and promoting a better public image by:


Keeping WNMMRO sponsored events orderly and peaceful, supporting family oriented events, organizing and promoting rides to suport charitable foundation, toy runs, school supply runs and many other charitable and community oriented events. 


Full WNMMRO membership is open to all 18 years of age and older who are interested in promoting the aims and purposes of WNMMRO. There will be NO restriction as to members owning any brand, make or size of motorcycle or having to won a motorcycle at all. Members shall be elligible for all benefits including membership cards,quarterly newsletter and all regular correspondence also any discounts given for insurance or any business that offers a member discount. There is also a youth membership for anyone under 18 years old that is interested.




Membership fees:


Single: $20.00 year 

Couple: $35.00 year


Youth(under 18): $  5.00 year  Club/Organization: $100.00 year

New members joining after July 1st pay half the yearly dues.